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  • Cultural advantage

    “Howard to profit, integrity-based”Is the company's requirements of management and frontline staff from top to bottom in life, the principle of doing things, is also jun xing's core values.
  • Business advantage

    Companies benefit from the advantages of development, and to maximize and dynamic flexibility of private enterprise. Throughout the production, sales, chain is good at learning, willing to try, dare to innovation.
  • Product advantage

    Malleable iron series products of the company complete product rules not only, and automated production after five strict inspection procedures at the same time, the quality guaranteed.
  • Price advantage

    Company after vertical integration, not only easier to control the quality of the products, and the cost of production and a significant reduction in the cost in the middle.
  • Location advantage

    Company location clear, the focus on strategic positioning midrange. Concentration of all available resources to achieve the company development strategy.


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