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Inspection standard

Quality is our most powerful weapon, as well as the last line of defense. Every product must go through five strict inspection process, in order to enter the market. The quality of our product is reliable.

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    Post-casting Monitoring
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    Pre-galvanizing Monitoring
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    Pre-threading Monitoring
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    Pressure Monitoring
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    Finished Product Inspection

Post-casting Monitoring

After casting process, we have several inspector to pick up obvious defect, such as the pipe-fittings with themalposition,aperture and other flaw. Through the inspection , the semi-finished products will access to the annealing treatment process.

Inspection before plating

After annealing treatment, casting parts acquire high tensile strength, good duclitity as well as brinell hardnes. The inspectors in this step mainly focus on the selection of scrap with aperture. After this two steps of inspections, 70 percent of scrap will be filtered out.

Tapping before inspection

After galvanized processing, there are inspectors to inspect the galvanizing layer of each product. The inspectors need to pick up the scrap with zinc tumor and uneven galvanized layer.  

The water pressure test

In this test process, high-pressure water is pumped into each fittings continued for 10s. Its aim to ensure that every pipe-fittings have no tiny cracks and pores. More important it is to make sure every fittings is  able to withstand the certain pressure under regulation. We committe that, every fittings produced by Jason(Junxing). Ltd have go through  water pressure testing.

Finished goods inspection

A final inspection to ensure that every fittings produced by Jason(Junxing). Ltd is qualified and reliable.

Appraisal standard

The appraisal criteria of malleable iron pipe-fitting scrap:
The fittings could be defined as scrap, if and only if the fittings have leaking problem when it was installed or tested under right way. 
The appraisal criteria of malleable iron pipe-fitting gray problem:
When conducting stree test, the fittings appear crack.
The deformation rate shoud below 5% when the size of fittings is below 25(mm).
The deformation rate shoud below 4% when the size of fittings is between 32-50(mm)
The deformation rate shoud below 3% when the size of fittings is above 50(mm).
If the test do not meet these requirement, the failure of the fitting could be defined as gray problem.
Testing equipment must be the deformation rate tester (squashed tester)
If the failure of fittings is caused by not following  the requirements, it is considered to be artificial damage.


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